Meet the minds behind the short film and fashion shoot.

Ariel kleiman

“I really enjoyed this project - having the creative freedom to develop this film, working with great people like Paspaley and Clara, not to mention the once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot in such a stunning location.”

Ariel Kleiman is an award-winning Australian director and writer, known for short films ‘Deeper Than Yesterday’ and ‘Young Love.’ It is Ariel’s debut feature film, ‘Partisan,’ that has him poised as the ‘next big thing’ in Australian film. Partisan has been celebrated globally, winning multiple awards at film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival and Sundance.

clara paget

“While the amazing jewellery and the amazing Kimberley region certainly drew me to this project, the opportunity to work with Regan and Ariel to merge the worlds of acting and modelling was very interesting to me.”

Clara Paget is a British model and actress, who has graced pages of British and American Vogue, and modelled for global brands including Burberry. Clara is known for acting roles in Fast and the Furious and St Trinians, however has received particular praise for her starring role as Anne Bonny in the Starz series Black Sails.

regan cameron

“This was exactly my sort of project. I’ve always wanted to shoot in The Kimberley, what an amazing location, and Clara is a truly inspiring model - but to have my photography integrated into the world of film is pretty exciting.”

Regan Cameron is a world-class fashion and portrait photographer. His photography is characterised by a seductive beauty and refined style. Currently based in New York, the New Zealander’s work frequents the pages of Vogue UK, British Harper’s Bazaar and Japanese Vogue. He's also photographed many celebrities including Madonna, Julianne Moore and Kate Winslet.

christine salter

“This campaign captures the modernity and versatility of our latest collection – Maxima by Paspaley, while showcasing the beauty of The Kimberley - a location so unique to my family’s 80 year pearling heritage.”

Christine Salter is Paspaley’s Creative Director. As a third generation Paspaley family member, Christine collaborates with some of the world’s most accomplished designers, as well as Paspaley’s own artisan jewellers to create effortlessly elegant pieces, embracing fresh, captivating design that can be worn every day or for special occasions.

The Kimberley, Western Australia.

This year, we proudly celebrate 80 years of Australian pearling heritage, paying homage to our origins with a short film and fashion shoot created in The Kimberley - a location at the heart of Paspaley.

Paspaley’s pearl farms stretch more than 2500 kilometres across the pristine waters off Australia’s north-west coast. We remain committed to sustaining the waters off Northern Australia. With a proven environmentally benign footprint, we have long understood that a pearls beauty and quality is intrinsically influenced by the waters in which it grows.

A tribute to our mother-of-pearl origins - designed by Paspaley, crafted by the sea.

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